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Department of Education - Learners First
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Staffing ratios for Launceston Big Picture School are capped at 1:17. This means that students can be provided a highly rigorous and personalised learning experience. It also means that your child will be given the extra care and support needed to learn in this way.



  • Principal                                                      Adrian Dean
  • Assistant Principal                                      Tanya Ringuet
  • Grade 9 Advisor                                          Daniel Smith
  • Grade 9-10 Advisor                                     Sonja Peters
  • Grade 10 Advisor                                        Nick Hill
  • Grade 11 Advisor                                        Ben Miller
  • Grade 11 Advisor                                        Robert Lewandowski
  • Grade 12 Advisor                                        Marianne Olsen


Support Staff

  • School Business Manager                            Jennifer Kendall         
  • Learning Through Internship Co-ordinator    Mathew Oliver
  • Administration Officer                                    Kat O’Sign      
  • School Psychologist                                      Rebekah Mizzi     
  • School Social Worker                                    Jasmine Poslon          
  • Education Facility Attendant                          Michael Doolan