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Staffing ratios for Launceston Big Picture School are capped at 1:17. This means that students can be provided a highly rigorous and personalised learning experience. It also means that your child will be given the extra care and support needed to learn in this way.

Principal Adrian Dean
AST Marianne Olsen 
Support Teacher Brock Kerslake
Support Teacher Josh Harris 
Advisor Leanne Wickham 
Advisor  Rob Lewandowski
Advisor  Corinne Milton 
Advisor Jenni Fraser
Advisor Scott Davenport 
Advisor  Tom Clarke
Advisor Kathryn Kahl
Advisor Ben Miller
    Support Staff
    School Psychologist    Rebekah Mizzi 
    School Social Worker  Jasmine Poslon 
    Learning Through Internship Co-ordinator Melanie Van Asperen
    School Business Manager Jennifer Kendall
    Administration Officer Fiona Bennett
    Administration Officer Veronica Vance 
    IT Support  Jesse North
    Teacher Assistant Adrian Stabb 
    Teacher Assistant Ashleigh O'Kane
    Teacher Assistant Jacqui Leslie
    Teacher Assistant Hayley McPartlin
    Teacher Assistant Ashlee Woodberry 
    Teacher Assistant Mel Tyson 
    Education Facility Attendant Michael Doolan