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Grade 11 at Launceston Big Picture School

YEAR 11: Your Senior Years

By Year 11, you are becoming an expert learner and a bit of a teacher as well.  You will have the opportunity to learn a lot and understand the nature of learning itself. But, you will still need to work hard.

As a Year 11 student, your specific requirements are:

  • Demonstrate heightened personal qualities and depth of work.
  • Play a leadership role in the school.
  • Mentor a younger student.
  • Get your Senior Thesis Project proposal and approved by committee.
  • Read at least 6 books during the year, including 2 autobiographies.
  • Update your portfolio.
  • Write the first 25 pages of your autobiography.
  • Research universities or TAFE colleges and their requirements.
  • Plan any remaining gaps in university/TAFE admissions requirements into your Learning Plan.
  • Bring your family to Careers Night.
  • Visit universities or TAFE colleges.
  • Begin to create a portfolio for post-school (resume, transcripts, essay, awards, and best work).
  • Prepare for any course assessments.


Mentor a younger student

Read at least 5 (five) books

Research universities, career options, and further education and training opportunities

Develop Graduation Portfolio