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The Student Levies for 2023 are endorsed by the School Association.  Levies for 2023 are set at $550.00.  The charging of levies is integral to the operation of Tasmanian Government Schools and The Secretary, Department of Education authorises School Principals to impose levies and charges to cover incidental costs and expenses occurred in providing educational instruction at the school.  Levies contribute towards additional fees and charges outside of the curriculum, for example:

  • Loan of an Individual Student Computer
  • Full access and use of ADOBE Software
  • Student Stationery 
  • Student ID Card
  • Big Picture Student Resources
  • Books and Materials for Advisory 
  • Printing and Photocopying Costs
  • Student Enrichment Programs
  • School Excursions & Transport
  • Loan of Casio Scientific Calculator
  • Visiting Consultant Fees
  • Visiting Local Performances
  • Sport & Recreation Program
  • Food & Cooking Program
  • Musical Instrument Purchases
  • Art Equipment and Supplies
  • STEAM Equipment

Payment Plans: In recognition of challenges for low-income families, Launceston Big Picture School would like to offer flexible payment options to assist parents/carers to budget for this cost.  Weekly / fortnightly / monthly payment plan options which can be discussed with the school office personnel.

The Smith Family: If you are not eligible for STAS, you may want to consider The Smith Family program (tele: 6326 7898) who may be able to offer some financial assistance toward payment of the levy invoice.  The program is a national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged children to get the most out of their education.