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Effective communication between home and school is vital to support our students’ successful engagement and participation in education.  I encourage families to keep in contact with all that is happening across the school.  Our Launceston Big Picture (Official) Facebook Page is an excellent source of information and communication of updates to students, parents and the community.  Of course, anyone using this is required to follow strict protocols regarding appropriate conduct/comment/posts. Parents are encouraged to contact Advisory teachers and myself at the slightest cause for any concern for students.  This can be done in a range of ways:

  • By making an appointment to meet with the relevant staff member.
  • Calling them after 3.00 pm. Please note, that it is extremely difficult for staff to take phone calls from parents/guardians before school and at break times as they are rostered on to a range of duties.  After school time is best.
  • A written note.

Early intervention and support for students is made so much easier if we receive early notification from families of any concerns.  (Please don’t “stew” on things!)