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September 29 Newsletter

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DOE Pause on Workplace Activities

18th August 2022

RE: DoE Pause on Workplace Activities

Dear parent/carer,

The Department of Education aims to continuously improve the quality, safety and appropriateness of student activities by conducting internal audits. A recent audit of offsite activities, where a teacher is not supervising the activity, identified the need to provide further guidance and support to schools on these activities.

Although only a small number of schools were sampled (not LBPS), there is no evidence that the safety or wellbeing of any child or young person has been affected. The Department determined that as more schools engage in offering a broad range of offsite learning experiences, schools need to be provided with further guidance and support in relation to these offsite activities. 

The Department advised us last night that it has placed a temporary pause on these activities while this work is undertaken. 

The Department places a priority on the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. It has requested that all schools verify appropriate measures are in place prior to offsite activities continuing.

Students who are currently engaged in offsite activities (that may include work placement or work-based activities, such as vocational placement or other work-based learning) will need to attend classes as normal from Thursday 18 August 2022.

A dedicated departmental team will commence working with schools. They will verify that current activities meet the requirements and, where they don’t, immediately to put in place the necessary supports to ensure that our children and young people continue to be safe. Activities will recommence once requirements are met.

I understand that this is disappointing for our school community. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.  Once we are able to, we will update you on when we can recommence these activities and will be doing everything within our control to make this happen as soon as possible. 

If you have any further concerns in relation to the supports provided to your child, please contact us here at school.

Kind regards


Caleb Turale

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February 28 Newsletter

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Levies & Uniform Sales Days

Dear Families

I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer despite what has certainly been challenging times for many. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you that our school is working with the Department of Education (DoE) on creating a safe return to school process for all of our students. Please see details of the DoE’s current plan in the links below:

I would also like to remind families that our Levies & Uniform Sales Days are taking place on the following days: 

  • Tuesday, 1st February (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
  • Thursday, 3rd February (10:00am – 2:00pm)

When visiting our site, please help keep us covid safe by demonstrating and following the attached covid safe behaviours.


Also, please note that students will not be receiving the “traditional book packs” at this time. Staff will be supporting students with the purchasing of personalised stationary items in the first few days of the school year. All students will continue to be allocated a laptop computer to use for their learning.


Adrian Dean



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